Who I am and what I do...

My name is Maxine, I am a qualified counsellor, offering a very relaxed, down to earth, grounded style of therapy. I understand that life can be challenging , and that the best of us can lose our way or sense of direction at times. My aim is to try and restore the balance in life and to help you free yourself from whatever problems are bothering you, or keeping you awake at night. I do not offer any alternative therapies, so no tree hugging or crystal stroking, but I do offer a very warm, open, genuine approach, relying at times upon both my own intuition, and my own life experience. I truly believe that emotional intelligence cannot always be learned, and believe that I have a natural ability to 'tune in' to people. I provide one to one therapy, both in my own home and via home visits to suit individual needs. 

My approach is mainly humanistic, whilst integrating elements from other approaches, both psychodynamic and cognitive therapy. I like to think of myself as being a very open minded, non judgemental therapist. My aim is to convey genuine empathy and understanding, and work together with my client, with the absence of any barriers or prejudice, to find realistic solutions to their issues. I have also studied Psychology and am continuing to learn more, as I prefer the more logical approach to therapy. I can work with many emotional issues, such as depression, anxiety,panic attacks, self harm, anger management and others, and can offer support and understanding to many of the issues faced by ordinary people such as divorce, relationship problems, or bereavement.

I am able to offer therapy and understanding to victims of emotionally abusive relationships, including sociopathic (anti social personality disorder) ASPD and narcissistic relationships/associations. I have studied both in much detail and fully understand and empathise with the dynamics of these destructive relationships.



Although a certain amount of stress and anxiety can be harmless, and even productive to an extent, as they can keep us alert and focused, excessive stress and constant states of anxiety are harmful to us. The body releases stress hormones into the bloodstream which cannot easily be depleted and can lead to long term damage. Untreated long term depression also keeps the bodies stress system in action, and has even been proven to inhibit growth of new brain cells, to summarize, long term anxiety and depression are really not good for our health. Counselling is one of the ways that emotional and anxiety disorders can be combated, used alone or alongside other treatments such as prescription drugs. Some believe that drugs and counselling/psychotherapy are at opposite ends of the spectrum, whereas they may be used alongside each other in a harmonious manner, if desired. Other treatment, such as standardized programs of C.B.T are widely used, and although effective for some, do not always achieve long term results due to their 'one size fits all' nature and due to the absence of one to one communication and therapeutic relationship with the client. People are diverse and are impossible to categorize or to use a standard approach which will suit everyone. One to one therapy provides opportunity for the therapist to ascertain a clients individual needs, and unique way of being in the world, and work with them to form a productive therapeutic alliance which tailors to their individual needs.


Diploma in therapeutic counselling level 4

Psychology Open University Diploma level 5

Cognitive behavioral therapy PGcert level 7